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San Jose, California

Dear Christian Entrepreneur,

Here is a true and personal story that I haven’t shared till now.

I think the reason most of us started our own businesses is because…

At the end of the day, we all just want a better life.

Once we received that fire in our belly to turn our ideas into reality, working for someone became an unbearable prison.

The sad thing is that for me I got to the place where I was working 7 days a week and not enjoying the results.

My businesses were not growing fast enough.

One day the profits would come in and the next day they wouldn’t.

My family wasn’t getting the best of me because I was always worrying about something work related.

Until I discovered the secrets I am about to share with you here.

Imagine this for a minute.

You are busy working and you receive a phone call from a new high net worth customer.

The customer says,

“I know things aren’t the way you expected your business life would be so I’ve gone ahead and introduced your business to 5 of my rich friends.

They have all placed orders worth multiplied millions so you can pay all your bills and invest in some new ideas.

One more thing, my publicist will be contacting you on getting your business featured in the press next week.

You can now start focusing on the life you have always wanted to live. “

Before you say thank you, the line cuts.

You go home and you are excited.

This is great. Like a dream.

Everything is awesome and you are doing some fun stuff with the family.

Then you get another phone call in a few days as you are driving down the road.

You recognize the voice this time but before you say anything, the kind client says,

“HELLO…I have given some thought to this and I think there is not point in driving around in a car you don’t enjoy or living in a home that isn’t your dream home.

I think you and your family deserve the best.

I have gone ahead and done that for you.

My lawyer will email you the deed for the home and the title for a car I believe you have had your eye on for a long time.

Don’t thank me. You deserve it. “

The line cuts.


In just a few days you have been given a brand new life.

You no longer have struggling business. You have a growing empire.

You don’t have to worry because your biggest business problems are taken care of.

Finally, this is the freedom to enjoy the life you have always wanted.

Which part of this is true?

What if I told you that happened to me…

What if I told you that person really exists.

What many business owners fail to realize is that your customer base and email list is that benevolent customer.

If you give it some thought, everyone that we know who is crushing it in their business..

Everyone with a cool and fun lifestyle…the best houses, cars and ridiculous results that make you wonder.

Every thing they own is bought and paid for by a group of raving customers who buy a lot and who buy often.

These customers tell their family, their friends and networks to buy from businesses they love.

Let me show you how to start growing your startup, attract paying customers and multiply your profits.

1 Know what your perfect customer wants

It’s very important for you to know your customer.

What do they want? Where do they want to go?

What will they become after using your product?

How can you help someone you don’t understand?

2 Instant results with over-the-top value

We both know that people are naturally skeptical.

Many businesses promise and then they fail to deliver.

There are numerous reports of bad customer experience and client complaints.

This is good for you because you can find out what the biggest questions are in your customer’s mind..and answer them in advance.

You overcome their objections by demonstrating how you can help them.

Simple right?

The reason someone comes to you is because they hope to move closer to their ultimate desire.

You should always put your best foot forward by starting a relationship with high value.

When highly respected chefs create a menu, they don’t start with mediocre food.

They give their best value from the first course.

Give people what they can use to get the results they seek immediately.

Always start with your best value.

3 Offer proof to dissolve their doubts and build a connection

I’m sure we can both agree that it is easier for us to make buying decisions after we have seen it work for someone else.

Show past experiences to demonstrate that other people just like them got outstanding results.

Testimonials. endorsements, syndication and social proof are a powerful way to turn prospects into paying customers.

I’ll show you how to use syndicated distribution to double your revenue in record time.

4 Give The Tools And Do The Work For Them

Would you rather pay for the food or for the recipe?

Most people would rather pay for the food.

Your customers are the same.

As much as possible, give them what they want with as little steps as possible.

People prefer for products to be intuitive and done for them.

Don’t hold back. You will make more by doing this while your competition is struggling to catch up.

What can you give your customer today to get them one step closer to their desired outcome?

5 How To Get A Prospect To Pay You What You Want

What we have been doing so far is moving your customer closer to their desired outcome.

What you do next is to let the customer know that they will receive accelerated results when they use your product, sign up for your program or subscribe to your service.

You are simply making an offer such as a free trial, sample, bundle, promotion, risk reversal or an amazing guarantee to remove all fears from buying

This is literally like holding their hands as they pull out their wallets to pay you.

Can you do this today?
Of course you can.

Here are a few things that helped my thinking

I stopped trying to get every customer and identified the right customer

I found out that long term and consistent business growth can be engineered

The value my customers believe I give them is what creates repeat customers and insane worrd of mouth

There are people who have made a lot of money but it doesnt last

Im going to show you how your life will get better by helping people

What Made The Difference

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in an entrepreneur’s life? It isn’t always a native from of talent or luck or even hard work on its own. In fact many business owners work 6 to 7 days a week and still end up unsatisfied.

The difference lies in what the Greeks call Phronesis. This is as a result of what each entrepreneur knows and how he or she uses that knowledge.

I learned that the 4 main ways to grow your business are:

1 Attracting more of the right customers

2 Selling more products

3 Selling to your customers more often

Most importantly,

4 Having a multi-step system and sales sequence that creates repeat customers and increases your profits

And that is why I am writing to you and to other ambitious business owners like you about The Ventures Insider Monthly Training Program. For that is the whole purpose of the Program: To give its ambitious readers wisdom- knowledge acted upon that can turn a relatively successful business today into a dominant force in any industry.

Now let’s get into more advanced stuff.

Step 1: Define the market in which you can create the most value

First, identify who wants and is willing to pay for your product. Is your ideal customer a female corporate banker who lives 30 miles away from her office? Is she actively looking for a brand new vehicle? Would she rather own an SUV or a compact car?

Second, decide on what your message, positioning and differentiation will be. This is about defining what you do, but also what sets you apart from other similar businesses and demonstrates that you know your ideal customer better than they do. Are you the safer option? The cheapest? The one who delivers in 3 days?

Third, find a way to distribute your message and product to them. Some businesses use websites and social media, such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, to get their message and products to their customers. Other options are traditional retail outlets in good locations, and physical advertising such as billboards or flyers.

The most profitable businesses are geniuses at using multiple distribution channels effectively. So ask yourself what forms of distribution will give your customer easy access to your message and products. It’s a process with three parts: market segmentation, positioning and distribution.

Step 2: The importance of new customers

If you increase the number of customers, the number of things that each of them buys, and get them to make purchases more often, your growth will be exponential.
The below equations demonstrate this for just one product:

Let’s set the following values:

Price of product: $100
Number of customers: 100
Number of times each customer buys from you in a year: 1

$100 per product X 100 customers X 1 = $10,000 per year.

Now let’s increase the price and customers by just 20%, and turn a single-purchase customer into one who buys something twice a year:

$120 per product X 120 customers X 2 purchases per year = $28,800 per year.

Notice how your annual revenue has more than doubled.

Step 3: Increase sale volumes

Now it’s time to figure out what makes customers buy more from a business. Firstly, allow your customers to return or exchange their products if they’re not satisfied. It makes the purchase less risky for them. We have found out that businesses that set up an offer that allows customers to return goods sold at a later date if they are unsatisfied can double their revenue in just 12 months.

Secondly, our research has shown that customers buy more from businesses that they feel they know a lot about. The lesson here is to educate the customer on what the benefits of your product or service are. Too many businesses talk about when they were established and how many branches they have, instead of educating their prospective customers.
Thirdly, try increasing your prices. Most business owners scrape by because they’re afraid of what people will say if they charge more. If you are providing value, you can justify raising your prices if you need to. Customers will be willing to pay, provided that you use the above strategies to market and help them understand the business.

Finally, build partnerships. You can’t expect to produce everything on your own, but there are often products that make sense for you to sell with your core business. Find someone who does it well and enter into a partnership.

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We all just want a better life

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People are more important than money so why slave for the business and not enjoy the warmth and joy that life provides…

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Wisdom. Understanding . Quick and consistent execution.

Here is Your Investment in Business Success

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Sincerely yours,
Jeffrey A. Manu

CEO. Founder. Marketing Strategist.

San Jose, California


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Where will that leave you?

Will you get your desired market share and profits with your current strategy?

Probably not.

Will you be kicking yourself for the rest of your life if you didn’t try everything possible to make a difference in this world?


I can’t make the decision for you. It’s 100% up to you.

I can help you, but you’ve got to take the first step.

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